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The name is Clyde Donovan, older brother to Bonnie Donovan and son of Roger Donovan.

Ages used will vary depending on the 'Verse and RP.

(Ask/RP blog for Clyde Donovan from South Park. I own nothing unless stated otherwise.)


Hahahaha all you guys with your dads on tumblr and Bonnie and I’s only problem is my inability to have a normal day. I’m not even grounded yet!

Tfw you accidentally get deodorant in ur mouth

Im gonna vom


when you aren’t your best friend’s best friend


Just A Bit Of Pixie Dust:
Look at that! Your muse has grown fairy wings and now has the ability to fly. This lasts 24 hours.
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat:
Your muse is a fancy feline for 4 hours.
Lean On Me:
With the help of ___ (anon's choice) your muse will get through something that scared them (the anon can specify or leave it up to the mun) for 3 hours.
Here's To Never Growing Up:
Isn't that just adorable. Your muse will experience puppy dog love with ___ (anon's choice) for 2 days.
It's raining outside and your muse is stuck inside with ___ (anon's choice) and when the power goes out they cuddle to keep warm.
Sweet Nothings:
Your muse is full of nothing but happiness and positive things to say for 24 hours.
Oh no, your muse has lost it's voice! But they have to tell ___ (anon's choice) how they feel! If your muse gets a kiss from the chosen person within 2 days they get their voice back, if not well you've seen the movie.